Facebook and the People’s “Internet Ignorance”


April 28, 2019 | Arvin Divinagracia

My friend and business partner always tell me that people who spend most of their times with Facebook don’t really know how to use the Internet and I couldn’t agree more.

Last year, I created two Facebook groups targeting sellers. I was planning to launch a specialised classified ad website and I thought creating a Facebook group first would help me get visitors to my website.

From February to June 2018, one of the groups attracted more than 16,000 members and people are posting ads here and there. I launched my website in August.

My website has an old domain and has a decent SEO score so finding it through Google is not hard. Little by little, I started telling the group members to register on my site and post their ads there so people searching through Google would be able o see their ads – to my surprise, only 2 of more than 16,000 members posted their ads within a week after I posted an announcement.

After 2 weeks, the second person who posted her ad on my website told the group that she got a successful transaction through my website.

“Hi guys, just want to share my experience, post nyo ad nyo sa main site instead of posting here. I just sold a Palawan vacation through there. Tagal ko na nag a-advertise sa group walang nag iinquire, ciguro puro sellers and nandidito” she said

[Hi guys just want to share my experience. Post your ad at the main website instead of posting here. I just sold a Palawan vacation (package) through there. I’ve been posting here without any inquiry. I think we are all sellers here]

The post received a lot of attention with most members asking “how to” post ads on my website. I realised how Facebook is making people ignorant and stupid when it comes to the right use of the Internet and Google.

I’ve been telling them to post their adverts on the main website so people searching Google would be able to see their ads, but no one is giving attention because they thought to post on Facebook is better. They didn’t realise that buyers are not using Facebook to find what they are looking for – they use Google.

Although my website got an immediate influx of ads and visitors after the post, new members joining the group are still clueless and ignoring the fact that no one is buying through Facebook.

Another reason why people use Facebook instead of Google is the ‘free data” provided by the Philippine telecom and Internet providers. People cannot access the Internet using free data but Facebook.

How about you? Do you think posting ads in Facebook groups worth your time instead of posting on classified ads website?





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